Empowering Flexible Salary

We strive to revolutionise the future of salary payments by providing your employees the ability to withdraw their hard-earned salary, whenever they need it.

Improving Financial Wellbeing

Having peace of mind plays a great role in how effective we are at work. We acknowledge the importance of your employees’ financial wellbeing, and work towards providing the best financial solutions to improving their lives.

Increased Productivity
Increased Engagement
Increased Retention

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How does Mulaaa work?

We allow employees to withdraw their earned salary at anytime. Here's a simplified process on how we get things done at Mulaaa!

Business As Usual

Employees activate their Mulaaa account through our app and continue their work as usual. The app will automatically track their working days and calculate their daily accumulated salary.


Salary Access

Each employee will have withdrawal access of up to 50% of their earnings at anytime during the month.


When payday arrives, employees will receive their remaining amount of salary!


About Mulaaa

We are on a mission to bring sound financial wellness to the under served markets

What is Mulaaa all about?

Welcome to Mulaaa, we are a provider of financial wellness services to employees, primarily earned wage access. We aim to provide workers with access to their earned wages in a convenient, flexible, and affordable way.

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How does Mulaaa work?

An employee can download the Mulaaa mobile app, and access a part of their earned salary through this platform.

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How much can I withdraw?

You can withdraw up to 50% of your earned income within that working month.

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